The Gift

A grand adventure is about to begin.
– Winnie the Pooh


Angie, a beautiful soul with a full heart.  

A fountain of love, springs from her soul, as does the creation of God's gift of life. A mother, wife and teacher of life. Theses are only words, but to truly know Angie, you need to be in her presence. She always has a pleasant smile, a sweet laugh and kind words to share with all. She is a true gift. 


"My Heart has wings and I can fly"

~ Cinderella

A gasp as your stomach drops and you close your eyes. When you finally muster the courage to open them again, you find an amazing view and an incredible sense of freedom.

This was an experience of a lifetime. Sure, I've flown before, but not like THIS. My body and mind were soaring above the clouds as I fell into the most peaceful and quiet state I've felt in a long time. No sound, no worries, just being.   

Thanks to my friend, Jim Johnson, for helping me to fly.    

Victoria & Josh McKenna

It was such a pleasure to capture the wedding of Victoria and Josh. Not only do they clearly love one another, but the love and positive energy they generate radiates out to those around them. It's infectious and you can't help but feel a sense of happiness and joy in their prescence. 

The venue, Center 615, had a modern, minimalist vibe - a perfect space to allow their love to shine.